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Great Businesses Start with Great People

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Partnership. Vision. Collaboration.

We look for exceptional partners to collaborate on innovative businesses that drive growth.

Our investment philosophy is centered on creative approaches to solving for the needs of investors with majority positions in brokerage, investment banking, and wealth management companies.

Equal parts smarts, agility, and hard work have enabled us to build a portfolio of complementary businesses that, together, drive innovation across the industry.

Selected portfolio companies include:

Finray logo



Finray transforms financial service’s data management, offering fast data handling with less IT need. They are a leading provider of financial services solutions that resolve issues in connecting industry-specific data to provide timely and accurate information for finance organizations. Finray addresses CFO’s major challenges by boosting financial data quality, cutting costs, and enhancing business outcomes swiftly. They are the only market solution that starts with validated meta-data and builds outcomes rather than traditional, legacy solutions that start with the code without the outcomes in mind. Visit to learn more.

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Stavtar offers the investment industry SaaS solutions for Business Spend Management to enhance operational efficiency. Their flagship product, StavPay, centralizes vendor, contract, and invoice management with customizable expense and approval processes to create a true super-ledger. Visit to learn more.

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Amgine logo



Amgine is the leading AI Automation platform for managed business travel that is becoming the next generation automated booking platform in the industry. It is designed to enhance travel management companies and traveler connections for delightful and ultra-efficient experiences. Visit to learn more.

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Ampliforce logo



Ampliforce offers AI-driven solutions to enhance workplace productivity. They deliver digital workers to boost performance, drive revenue, cut costs, and streamline risk mitigation and compliance. Visit to learn more.

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Marstone logo



Marstone is the leading, independent provider of digital wealth solutions designed to improve client’s bottom line and help meet your customers where they are. Their enterprise-ready platform, powered by Marstone™, is the proven way for financial institutions to reach, acquire, and retain clients who seek straightforward information and engagement around their finances efficiently and affordable.​ Visit to learn more.

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Previdence logo



Previdence is a cutting-edge platform that leverages technology and analytics to provide comprehensive mental health support. The services include personalized insights, interventions, and risk assessment solutions for early detection and prevention. These services help their clients to retain and attract talent, improve performance, and much more. Visit to learn more.

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